We Men are so Narcissistic, Thinking Only a Man Could be the Antichrist.

As far back as I can remember, even though I've heard stories that George Washington was thought to be the Antichrist, since Barry Goldwater, did I believe the Antichrist could be the future president of the United States. Those were scary times. Could you imagine what the world would be like today, if he had won the 1964 presidential election against Lyndon B. Johnson, who led the Americans to war, his own demon, then there's Richard Nixon, his rap sheet involved hundreds of conspiracies from lying under oath, to aliens and UFOs cover-ups.

Ford his bloodline was in question. The only antichrist thing about the guy was his looks. Poor guy, unfortunately he only looked like the devil!

Then along came, Jimmy Carter the peanut farmer who orchestrated the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel. Have all the U.S. presidents been deemed the Antichrist

After Carter, came the smooth talker, the great communicator, Ronald Wilson Reagan, with the 666 letter combination in his name, marking him as the Antichrist and since he survived, what some doctors considered a mortal wound, when he was shot in a failed assassination attempt, only added fuel to the fire.

In succession, George Bush Sr. theories abound about his involvements with the Illuminati and other secret societies. 

Bill Clinton as a gopher between Israel and Palestine. There was also the 666 thing about his name, after being translated in Hebrew. 

Then there was George Bush Jr. believed to be the mastermind behind the 911 attacks, instigating war on Iraq and who imposed the Patriot Act, to limit our personal freedoms.

Now it's Obama's turn. Again with the 666 in his name. Barack Hussein Obama with 18 letters. I'm now reading the many conspiracy theories that alleges, the Antichrist is really him. Questions have arose about his citizenship, his Reptilian shapeshifting, his rise from obscurity to top man in America, and his religious (Muslim) connections

Do they all have horns or what? Would the real Antichrist American president, please stand up! 

I won't be too surprised to hear all the conspiracy theories that evolve when Hillary Clinton becomes president. That would mean the Antichrist might not be a man at all, but a women. After all, she has been groomed by the best. Who would have thought? 

We men are so narcissistic, thinking only a man could be the Antichrist.

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