UFO Abducts Alan Godfrey And Cures Him of His Impotency to the Delight of his Wife, No Bull!

For over a year there were many sightings of UFOs, glowing globes and orbs flying over England, then one day the body of, Zygmunt Adams, a Polish immigrant and coal miner, who disappeared five days earlier is discovered lying on his back, on top of a 12 ft. high, pile of coal in the small town of Todmorden. The responding officer was Alan Godfrey, arriving on scene at 4:10 p.m., a rainy day in June, 1980. 

He couldn't help but notice the body was completely clean, with no coal dust on the body at all, as if he were picked up and placed on top. The pile of coal wasn't disturbed. He wondered how the body got up there. Someone would have had to climb the side of the coal pile, disturbing it and causing coal dust to stir and fly up in the air. It is impossible not to do so. He also noticed the expression of horror on the man's face. What scared the man, he thought?

Then he noticed something more strange. The man's clothing, it looked as if he had undressed then redressed but, mismatching his buttons with their aligned button holes, his shirt on the outside of his jacket, one of his socks was inside out, his tie knot not quite tied properly, and his pants missing his wallet were put on backwards, as if whoever dressed him didn't know how to put clothing on. At the base of the man's skull there was a shaved spot, with a reddish looking rash and an oily substance, like burn ointment applied to the surface of the burn mark. 

Allan Godfrey Explains UFO

Adams died of a heart attack, which raised more questions. How did he get to the top of the coal pile? Godfrey persisted it was a murder but it was ruled more in favour of a natural cause. The case was closed, but it didn't end there, six months later he was called to the same town, Todmorden, to investigate a herd of cattle that had mysteriously disappeared, but instead of finding the cattle he saw a UFO spinning above the road, near the pasture where the cattle were supposed to be. His radio in the cruiser went out, that's the last he remembered until he woke up driving his car miles away from the pasture. He drove back to the scene and documented where the object had been, the leaves had been swirled and a dry spot was in the middle of the road. The cows mysteriously showed up miles away the next morning, as if lifted and dropped in another fenced pasture. All this was confirmed. Other people saw mysterious orbs that night, so he filed a report which was leaked to the public. 

His career stopped there. He was laughed at by his peers. Under hypnosis he explained his weird experience. Then the government suddenly stepped in and forced him to sign a silent National Security wavier, not talk about his sightings or the Adams case. He later admitted he was forced to sign.

The strangest part of this sighting was Godfrey was impotent before seeing the UFO. Soon after the sighting, to the delight of him and his wife she became pregnant and he found out he was miraculously cured, no more impotency, no more Viagra. 

True story.

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