Three Arguments That God Exists and One That Says He Doesn't — The Problem of Evil

Does "God" really exist? A theist believes he does, an atheist believes he doesn't and a agnostic wants proof before making a decision. So, which sounds most reasonable?

First, we have to determine what we mean by "God." Most of us would agree that the term "God" represents an all-good, all-powerful Creator of the universe. Now, the question is, does such a creature of that description exist?

One of the best known arguments for a "God" to exist is the: "Cosmological Argument" meaning that everything that exists was caused from something else. An example would be: It's sunny because there are no clouds or, a car exists because someone built it. Which would make sense, everything that exists was caused to exist by something else. That something else must be "God."

Another argument, but one harder to understand is to use the: "Ontological Argument." Since "God" is all too perfect, we assume that existing is better than not existing. Since "God" is perfect and we assume existing is better than not existing, it proves God does exist. He must, he's perfect. So, he exists, he's "God."

The empirical, "Teleological Argument" is the most widely understood argument and maybe the most likely or plausible, and that is, the world is a very complex, and fine tuned instrument. Billions upon billions of parts all working together. Each one of those parts breathtakingly intricate in it's mechanism. Could this so called order of things really happen by accident? Or, is someone in charge. That someone must be "God." So, there is a "God."

For every argument to support the idea of a "God," there are other arguments against the existence of a "God." The best known is the "Problem of Evil Argument." The world is not the perfect place we think it is. It would stand to reason then, if there were a "God" there would be no "Evil." You'd have to come to the conclusion that since there is "Evil" in the world, there must be, no "God."

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