The Secret Society of Hashshashin — The Stoned Terrorists

The Secret Order of Nizari Ismalis, a cult of highly trained Muslim assassins, the Hashshashin were the most dreaded of all the secret societies. Kings, princes, sheikhs, sultans and the Christian Crusaders feared them. Nothing was sacred to the Hashshashin, they're method of operation, strike swiftly and with all their force. To them, they had no fear of dying. Death by obeying orders meant immediate entrance to Jannah, or Paradise.

It all started with one eccentric man named Hasan ibn Sabbah, who in 1090 created a fanatical Arab Muslim organization that did whatever he commanded, including murder. He called it Hashshashin.

The word assassin is derived from the name Hashshashin and the hemp drug hashish, which was believed to be where the devotees' attained their courage and fearlessness of death.

Hasan, recruited young boys from the streets supplying them with hashish and then training them using hypnosis and brainwashing, to be skilled killers. He told them Paradise could not be attained through the preachings of the Quran, just allegiance to him could Paradise be obtained, and they believed him.

There aren't too many Hashshashins' around now-a-days. They never really grew to more than 2000 men and thought to have faded into obscurity disappearing completely around 1272.

Could it be possible, these hashish drug induced Hashshashins' have been rehashed and are now the new, Islamic Terrorists? They seem to be obeying orders from someone higher up, are trained skilled killers, (especially the beheadings of non-believers) and are not afraid to die themselves. Plus, they believe in the seven virgins waiting for them in paradise. See the similarities? The Secret Society of Hashshashin, the stoned terrorists.

Just something I was smoking err, hashing over in my mind. Merry Christmas.

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Modern scholarship on the so-called "assassins" has brought to light the fact that these were fabricated myths and legends that were proliferated over the centuries by Western Orientalists and Muslim polemicists or anti-Nizaris. Severe persecution of the Nizari Ismailis explains their need for secrecy however the information or misinformation written above as is in the accounts of Marco Polo are fictitious tales and a spread of ignorance. For more details please see the following reliable source:
The Shia Nizari Ismailis exist today as a peaceful global community numbering in the millions who value compassion, generosity and pluralism. They recognize Prince Karim Aga Khan as their 49th hereditary Imam or spiritual leader.