The Sad End — The Older a Man Lives, the More Likely He'll Commit Suicide Using a Gun.

It's alarming, when you hear that suicide rates are the highest among the elderly, where I was always under the impression, it was the younger age group, the teenagers and young adults between 15 and 25 that were most likely to kill themselves but no, they are number two. I bite my tongue. 

It's the elderly who are more prone to suicide! Children between 5 and 14 are the least likely to consciously end their lives. Understandably, they haven't had to deal with the complexity of life yet.

For every 100,000 people between the ages of 75-79, 16.5 people kill themselves. Aged 80 and over, the rate jumps to 19.43 people per 100,000. Compare that to 8.15 per 100,000 for younger people ages 15-19 and 12.84 per 100,000 for people a little older between the ages of 20 to 24. That's a big difference. Almost double. It separates the men from the boys.

Let's compare men with women. Men are more likely to kill themselves, but at the age of 65 and older, men are more likely to kill themselves 84% more often than a woman of the same age group. When a man reaches the age group of 75-79, 34 1/4 per 100,000 will commit suicide. When he reaches the age group of 80-84 it jumps 10%, after 85 and older, the suicide rate is 54.52 per 100,000. Now, compare those numbers with teenagers, with 13.22 per 100,000 that end their lives.

Youth Suicide is the second most common cause of death, equal to their proportion of the population, 15th for Elderly Suicide, unequal since the elderly usually die from things that the youth are immune to, certain diseases and disorders that come with ageing. Suicide loses rankings over when it comes to disease.

We don't usually see the suicide in the elderly, even though it's occurring epidemically. Overdosing on prescription drugs is common and often mistaken for a natural death of an older person but this may surprise you, not as common as using guns.

Guns are the most common method used to commit suicide ending an old man's life, shooting themselves 79.5% of the time. Women on the other hand, shoot themselves 37% of the time. These are not natural causes of death. So why don't we see these suicides more? It's a fact that it's happening. 

I've known people who have come to their ends by jumping off bridges and buildings, hanging from basement steps, overdosing on drugs even jumping in front of trains, but I know no one who used a gun. Strange, you never hear about them, that is, the older people that shoot themselves.

I'm not saying the others are any worse but what a sad end to a long life, to shoot yourself with a gun.

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Ref: 100 Things You're Not Supposed To Know by Russ Kick

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