The Pendulum — A Simple Method For a Witch to Predict the Future With Some Sort of Accuracy

What witch wouldn't like to be able to predict the future? Be a prophet, a seer or a doomsayer? 

There are many different methods you could use. Not like the olden days when you had to go through the gauntlet just to be worthy of being called a prophet, a seer or a doomsayer. 

Now-a-days you could read tea leaves, (Tasseography) if you had a quick wit and a vivid imagination, the two necessary ingredients for a successful tea leaf reader in predicting the future. Most of us don't fit this category. At least I don't.

Then there's the old tried and true, melting wax in a bowl of cold water, basically the same as a tea leaf reader except you are reading the wax that accumulates on the side on the bowl. I find it too messy.

Or, you could toss the dice, where each roll would have a new meaning. Memory is involved here. Mine's shot.

But, using any of these methods would need experience and knowledge. You'd have to know the meanings of shapes, symbols and numbers and what combinations predict what, not an easy task for a novice. Experts fail most of the time. Things can be predicted and other things cannot, it's just knowing what and when to predict. 

If you have no knowledge of predicting the future, here's a simple method and a little advice. 

The Pendulum

You need know nothing. All you need is a Divination Tool and be able ask questions. Then again, it doesn't even have to be you that asks the questions, as long as you are in control of the prediction. Here's how:

To make a, Divination Tool, tie your favourite object to a string, use something sacred to you such as a necklace with a pendant, a charm, a ring, whatever, enough to create weight. 

Hold the string or necklace between thumb and index finger out in front of you and let the object dangle in the air. Ask a question that you know the answer is yes. Notice the movement of the pendulum. Be patient, if at first it doesn't move, just wait. It will start moving. Take note of the movement, is it circling left to right or right to left. 

It seems to work and looks better if you have a cloth or board under the pendulum as in the picture but it's not necessary. It's just for show, part of the overall act. Professionalism, a good witch owns a pendulum of some sort.

Stop it from swinging and let it hang again. Ask another question which you know the answer is no and watch the movement again. The pendulum will move in the other direction as the no movement, the opposite of the yes movement. Don't ask me how it works, it just does but I would guess; on the same line as an Ouija Board, Dowsing or Table Tipping

Now, you are ready to ask questions that you don't know the answers to. You will get your answers by which direction the pendulum chooses to swing because you know which is yes and which is no. You'll be amazed at how accurate the pendulum is as a tool in predicting the future, if not, just letting it answer your simple yes or no question, will amaze you, it most likely will be right on.  

The secret to predicting the right outcome for certain events is to make many predictions about that event. If one out of twenty manifests and comes true, that will be the one everyone remembers. As James Randi mentions in his book; The Mask of Nostradamus; brag about it. Forget the ones that didn't come true. Be so vague you could be talking about anything, use lots of maybe's, seems, perhaps or I feel this or I feel that. Predict opposites, you'll be 50% correct! Give credit to God for the hits, it's good karma and human error on the misses, so, blame it on someone or something else but never stop predicting no matter how wrong you are, you'll strike sooner or later. Make them big like; catastrophes, disasters, relevant for the day, the bigger the better, they're easier to remember.

Maybe being a prophet, a seer or a doomsayer is a little to industrious and ambitious for an up and coming witch but if you want just a wee glimpse of the future, try using the Pendulum, but remember it's just a Divination tool. Like using all tools, practice makes perfect.

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