The Nation of Islam and It's UFO Connections — Jinn

The Nation of Islam, originally a social movement to improve the economical and political status of Detroit's Muslim community first, then the rest of America, dubbed the Nation of Peace and was founded in Detroit, Michigan, in 1930, by the self claimed prophet Ali Farad Muhammad, his real name was Wallace Dodd Fard.

The doctrines of the NOI were built upon from the teachings of Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Holy Temple of Science. Ali believed all slaves that were taken from Africa had Islamic heritage. The NOI refused to be called Negro, black or coloured, preferring the term "Moor." He embraced the Quran, teaching Allah is God, black is good, white is evil, blacks need to speak and practice Arabic, their true language and to gain a separate state. Christianity was proclaimed the slave religion.

Ali's flock, in 1934 grew to about 8,000 people when he mysteriously disappeared. He was never seen again. Elijah Muhammad took control, believing Ali was God incarnate. He ruled with an iron fist until 1975 when his son took over, Wallace Muhammad a friend of the infamous Malcolm X.

What made the NOI so controversial was it's belief that the black man was the original man on Earth. A black scientist invented the white race, a race that wasn't quite human, yet. God a black man, the only entity in the universe created Earth 78 trillion years ago. The original God eventually died, but his essence is being carried on infinitely, by a council of 24 black scientists. To them God's do die. 

Then, there is the strange belief in Jinn, of a giant mother-ship floating above the stratosphere, orbs in orbs which appear as clouds by day and as a pillar by night, a UFO phenonomen, with three distinct intelligent alien species on earth right now, events and sightings that we are witnessing in the skies today, extraterrestrials.

The Three Distinct Alien Species on Earth Today, Jinns:

1.  Angels and Messengers   

2.  Men with physical bodies made from the minerals and chemicals from the Periodic Table,  Pre-Adamite men, dimensional, as in a mirror-universe.

3.  Al-Jinn, beings that were created on Earth before man. The opposite of angels and messengers, devils.

Followers believe in praying five times a day facing in the direction of Mecca, giving to the poor, fasting during the month of Ramadan and are obligated to make the trek to Mecca called Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their lifetime.

Characteristics of Jinns

Jinns are invisible to normal sight, but can appear physically at will. They are able to change shape and shape-shift into animals of all varieties even humans. They lie, cheat and steal, plus enjoy hurting people, engaging in abductions and kidnappings. They also love having sex with us. 

I'm still waiting.

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Brent Muhammad said...

Woe to the Disbelievers!

Brent Muhammad said...

Wo to the Disbelievers

Saman said...

Islam is not a nation, it's a religion.