The Most Hated Man To Have Ever Lived Wasn't Hitler, Nor Stalin Or Bush, Not Even Cosby. It was...

When asked the question, who do you think is or was the most hated person that ever lived? You might say as others would; Hitler, Stalin, bin Laden, the list goes on. I've even heard George Bush number two, being the most hated man and Obama, now closing the gap running a close second. Right now, Bill Cosby seems to be the focus of much hatred. 

Here in Canada, it's Stephen Harper, but they are far from being considered the most hated men that ever lived. People forget about Judas Iscariot with his infamous kiss, the number 12 head honcho in the Jesus clan, definitely the most hated man that ever lived. Talk about holding a grudge, this one's been held for over two thousand years.

Let's profile the man: He was personally selected by Nathaniel, who must have found something nice about the guy to introduce him to Jesus. Born in Kerioth, a small town south of Judea. He was spoiled by his parents and their only son, a loner. He grew up learning the family business until he decided to become a preacher working with John the Baptist. That was the beginning of his problems, his parents were Sadducees, they disowned him. That scenario sounds very familiar, doesn't it? Where parents reject their own kid because they won't conform to their standards, an example would be a gay child coming out being rejected. Same thing. 

Judas didn't trust people and was always seeking revenge of some kind. He kept his personal life personal, not even allowing Jesus into that space. A poor loser, he wouldn't play fair and often bragged about his social status and self-importance, misrepresenting himself and the acts of his friends. He was single and young, thirty when he joined the other apostles. The most educated of them all and the only Judean. He became treasurer of Jesus' business affairs and was good at it.  There was nothing outstanding about him except his uppity attitude. He failed miserably at trying to understand himself and was always blaming others for his misfortunes because he didn't like to face facts.

Judas didn't think that much of Jesus, only that he was good-looking and charming. He held onto his Judean prejudices against Galileans' in general and just couldn't understand why the other 11 apostles thought Jesus, as the perfect man. He often would criticize Jesus under his breath, doubting him.

Not one of the others ever criticized him, as far as they were concerned Judas was a good man and they loved him. Money was not the reason for his betrayal. Jesus understood this from their first meeting and realized the dangers in admitting Judas into the group, but as his nature, was willing to give everyone a chance, right up until the end he tried everything he could to transform and save Judas.

Judas finally started to resent Jesus and became suspicious of his friends when in front of everyone, a woman broke an expensive box at Jesus' feet. (Mark 14 1-5) 

He couldn't believe Jesus and the others forgave her and raised a fuss, about the cost of the box and its contents. Jesus basically told him (in a nice way that only Jesus could) to, shut-the-fuck-up, right in front of everyone, embarrassing the hell out of Judas.  

Jesus kept pulling Judas aside telling him to shape up or ship out. How dare him, Judas thought, to tell me how to behave! Judas would seek revenge for this kind of treatment. Who does he think he is anyway, God?

His griefs multiplied, his sorrows and anxieties increased, his despair became so deep he almost couldn't stand it. To bad they didn't have the psych-drugs they have today. Things might have had a different outcome. 

After it was all over and Judas was found out that he betrayed Jesus, the other 11 apostles were horrified, but Jesus; he forgave him and only regarded his betrayer with pity. The world on the other hand has never forgiven him. 

Judas' main problem was in his personality. He had many psychic, emotional and spiritual problems, a paranoid schizophrenic, emotionally loveless and unforgiving, arrogant and selfishly ambitious, a social retard. As in life he shunned those who loved him and in death was friendless.

These are the factors that transformed an otherwise well-meaning and at one time sincere believer in Jesus into the most hated man to have ever lived, Judas Iscariot.

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