The Ghost Known As "Our Lady of Fátima" — The Canadian Connection

We don't know too much about the Mother of God, Mary. The only things we know about her are what the saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote about, of her life and death in the Gospels of the New Testament

The ghost of the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three little shepherd children, in a small town called Fátima, in central Portugal. Do you remember the story? They told the story that she appeared before them six times, brighter than the sun, standing on a cloud in an evergreen tree. This event happened over a period six months, from May to October in 1917. The Basilica of Our Lady of Fátima now stands on the site.

Two years after the story surfaced, two of the children were dead. The surviving child, Lucia dos Santos became a Carmelite nun and confessed to more prophecies that were told to her by the Virgin Mary, back in 1917. This is where the Canadian connection comes in.

Catholics in Quebec believe that at least one of the prophecies concerned Canada. Jacques Gadabout wrote about it in "Five Civilizations" in the Toronto Star, December 30, 1972.

The Virgin Mary was supposed to have said in Portuguese, "Poor Canada!" to the children, who knew nothing about the country called Canada, they were too young and couldn't read or write yet. The apparition repeated it again, "Poor Canada!"

The children reportedly told the Bishop, who mentioned it to the Archbishop, who confided to the Papal Nuncio, who had an audience with the Pope, who then chatted over the telephone calling Cardinal Léger, who was then the Bishop of Montreal. By the time the Cardinal got the rebound, the whole city of Montreal had heard about the bad omen and all the prophecies that Our Lady Fátima told the children.

No one knows what Our Lady of Fátima meant when she cried out, "Poor Canada!" but it was reported that when the entire French-Canadian population heard of it they dropped to their knees and prayed to God, to save the country. 

I normally don't believe everything I read but in this case praying must have worked because we're all still here. Eh!

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