The Flatwoods Monster — Was It An Extraterrestrial Drone?

It had the shape of a human, with no legs below the knee and was huge, looking as if was it was floating, suspended in the air, maneuvering between the trees. The covering of its body seemed metallic, bluish like polished steal. Its eyes were two red laser beams scouring the ground as it moved. The thing was described by witnesses as being akin to the robot in the movie, The Day The Earth Stood Still which had just been released in theatres a year earlier. 

The thing that three kids saw back in 52' in the woods that night, in Braxton County, West Virginia was dubbed, The Flatwoods Monster. They supposedly were walking home around nine o'clock in the evening taking a short cut through a wooded area. Half way through the forest they sensed something following them. They turned to look and saw what they first believed to be a monster, a giant robot with two red eyes that shot beams of light on them. They ran like hell as you or I would have, and told their mother who called a member of the National Guard who went back to the spot where the boys saw the creature. It was still there and started floating towards them. The boys took off running again, the Guard in hot pursuit. 

Other people reported to the local sheriff they had just seen a monster, but when he and a reporter went to investigate the site, The Flatwoods Monster had disappeared and was never seen again. 

Could the Flatwoods Monster have been an extraterrestrial drone or robot of some kind, sent here from a world far away in search of something we have no clue about?

The Flatwoods Monster became infamous when Frank C. Feschino Jr. a Ufologist, after deeply investigating the incident, wrote a book called The Braxton County Monster, The Cover-Up Revealed.

The county of Braxton has a yearly UFO celebration where everyone gathers around and talks about "The Flatwoods Monster. Another thing on my bucket list for places to visit. 

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