Stargate Alpha — The World's First UFO Landing Pad — Another Thing On My Bucket List, a Must-See.

Canada has something to brag about. The town of St. Paul, is about two hundred miles north of Edmonton, Alberta in the Lakeland Tourist District and has the privilege of holding the title as the first city in the world with it's own UFO landing pad called, Stargate Alpha.

For lack of something to do, the town originally a Métis colony—founded in 1896—came up with the idea for their Canadian Centennial Project in 1967 to create the first UFO landing pad. It's been forty-seven years since it's erection and so far not one UFO has landed, but it has drawn thousands of tourists who spend tons of money in the local community if that's any consolation. In fact, the pad has been so successful that the Mayor had an adjacent saucer shaped UFO tourist centre/museum in 1990 built. In 1995, they added a toll free UFO hot line, 1-888-SEE-UFOS to report the latest sightings. 

UFO Landing Pad Gift and Museum

The pad originally cost $11,000 to build using public funds and comes with it's own time capsule, to be opened by the 6,000 citizens of St. Paul in 2067. The contents are yet to be disclosed. 

It cost $11,000 to build. One hundred and thirty tons of solid cement. There's a map of Canada embossed on it's surface and flags from each province, as the backdrop. Hon. Grant MacEwan, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, officiated the opening with the then Minister of Defense, Hon. Paul Hellyer who flew in by helicopter making a grand display of our military might. They proclaimed the Pad as the "Centennial Star of Canada."

I don't ask for much, my bucket list is reasonable and attainable. Hey, if it was good enough for Queen Elizabeth II, who thought it worth visiting in 1978, and Mother Teresa who dropped by in 1982 to get a good look for herself, at the World's First UFO Landing Pad, then it's good enough for me.

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