Societies and Religions Must Have Certain Values and Morals in Common Or Man Could Not Exist

Let's face it, all societies and religions around the world have certain values and morals in common called the Golden Rule. These values are necessary or man could not exist.

Of course, there are some legitimate exceptions and the odd culture that may differ slightly, but in the end they all boil down to the same morals and values. Here's an example: People all over the world agree to look after their babies. It doesn't matter what cultural group you belong to, we all look after our children. A deep wired survival trait implanted in most animals brains, certainly in humans.

Now, here's the argument. Everyone with half a brain realizes, humans are useless as babies and cannot survive without the aid of human care for a long period of time, until they can care for themselves. We all agree.

So, that would mean if a culture didn't care for their young they would most certainly die, eventually the elders would not be replaced and that culture would eventually fade away. Therefore, cultures that do exist, must care for their young. Babies that are not cared for are the exception to the rule, not the rule.

The same could be said about being truthful. Of course there are times when it is permissible to lie but again, this is an exception, not the rule. All over the world people believe the same, we all presume people are always telling the truth. We expect it from others. Why would we ask questions if we didn't receive a truthful answer? 

Murder is another example. Throughout the world murder is not acceptable. If it were, there would be no safety in a culture and society would collapse because the people would stop associating with other, for fear of being murdered by their neighbours. 

The point I'm making here is basically, that there are moral rules that exist throughout the world today, which all societies and religions have in common and unites us all. 

The societies and religions that don't follow these basic rules of ethical conduct, values and morals, eventually will collapse and fade away into obscurity.

To understand the problems we are having in the world today, question if these hostile religions and societies of these countries are living by the "Golden Rule." 

Chances are they're not!


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Corey Alen said...

Audit a business or marketing class, and then rethink your percentages of civic vs. could-do-with-outs. Good message, Thanks for sharing.