Simpson and His Dog "Rip" At the Pearly Gates

Supernaturalist religions like traditional Christianity and Islam have certain beliefs in common and one of those things is that life here on earth is followed by an afterlife. A place where you live out eternity, either in Heaven, where everything is beautiful and joyous, where love eminates throughout, or Hell where there is everlasting suffering, nothing but doom and gloom. Everyone wants to go to Heaven, no one wants to go to Hell, but are these concepts of Heaven and Hell really believable?

It doesn't make sense that finite wickedness deserves infinite punishment and finite goodness deserves infinite reward. Do you have to reserve a seat for your specific religion? What happens to the other religions then, do they go to hell? There must have been people before religion, since those people were nonbelievers are they in hell? It puts babies in question, where do they go to be judged when they die? 

What about our pets? Where do they go? I couldn't imagine a joyous heaven without our faithful companions.

There was an old show called the Twilight Zone. One episode was called "The Hunt." An old man and his dog. An old man named Simpson, a hillbilly and his dog Rip drown in a pond together. The man and dog wake up on the shore of the pond and walk until they come to the Pearly Gates. The Gatekeeper tells him, it is the gate to Heaven, he's allowed past but the dog isn't.   

Simpson tells the Gatekeeper that he's not going anywhere without Rip and they walk away. They meet an angel along the way who has come for them too welcome them to heaven. 

Simpson says it again, " I ain't goin anywhere's widout Rip, told ya once ain't tellin ya agin!"

The angel explains that Simpson had made the right decision. If he had gone through the gate without Rip, he would have entered hell and not been able to return, as Rip was destined for Heaven but Simpson was judged by the Gatekeeper who was the Devil. Rip was excluded because he could smell the brimstone and would have warned Simpson.

The angels own words, "You see, Mr. Simpson, a man, well he'll walk right into Hell with both eyes open—but even the Devil can't fool a dog!"

We all imagine what Hell is like, we've heard so much about it, but Heaven, there are no words for it, it defies description. What and who goes there? Maybe great for a musician but harps and flutes I can only take so much of. Would there be a driving range for golfers if golfing brings joy to people. I hate to think I'll be spending eternity with some of my enemies, and that boring boss I had a few years ago, nice guy but boring. My type of heaven would be run by Club Med or HollandAmerica Cruises.

I hope I'm at least 20 years younger when I get there, not like 85 if I live another twenty years longer. I can't see myself lying around the pool in my speedo. Yuck! What a sight. Hopefully it's just your soul that arrives at the gates and not your body. 

Despite the conceptual difficulties depicting what Heaven or Hell really is like there will always be the believers in the afterlife. Can you imagine the world when scientists finally crack the code and find out what actually happens after death? That you just die, plain and simple. There is no more.  

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