Secret Societies — Why Haven't I Been Asked To Join?

The first social groups were formed through "Blood Kinship," or related through blood and through association, they grew. Intermarriage among the group also enlarged the clan. These first tribes appeared as secret societies and were the first true political bodies, from them religious cults and political clubs emerged and became regulated. There were many reasons for secrecy in these clubs; they feared the rulers at the time for any violations, plus they wanted to practice minority religious rites, forbidden by the rulers. Besides helping them with preserving valuable trade secrets, there was enjoyment to be had with some special charms and magic.

Being secretive made the societies a mystery. It appealed to people's vanity. The higher ups in these secret organizations were the social aristocracy of the day. After initiation which you hopefully didn't fail, boys hunted with men instead of gathering vegetables with women. 

The members of these first societies wore masks to frighten away the curious. They used signs and symbols and a special secret language. Sanctioned food and drink and became the first police, controlling the masses acting as vigilantes practising "Lynch Law." They were the first spies when the tribes were at war, and the first secret police at times of peace. They kept Kings on their toes, so the Kings formed their own societies to control the societies.

Sex control and rigorous years of discipline was taught to their adolescent members. Boys were often taken away, after puberty until marrying age, to be educated and trained by the other men of the tribe. The foolish idiom of "sowing wild oats" is a custom that has been carried down from these ancient times until now.

Commercialized prostitution began, women from other tribes were brought in, to service the men in the clubs who paid them even though sex was common among its members. There was usually torture, cutting, tattooing and circumcisions performed during ceremonial rites designed to harden and strengthen all the participants, which later turned into physical contests and athletic games.  

Later tribes sanctioned and formed women's clubs, to prepare adolescent girls for wifehood and motherhood. 

These first secret societies became the first schools, the first political parties, "The Strong" vs. "The Weak." They collected debt, taxes and tithes often discussed as an offering to help support the temple service.

Overtime, these secret societies formed into the first religious charitable organizations the forerunners of what we call the "Church" today. Finally, evolving into intertribal societies, the first international fraternities.

There are many secret societies today: The Order of the Skull and Bones, also known as the "Brotherhood of Death." The Freemasons, which the Roman Catholics Church forbade Catholics to join or be excommunicated and probably still do. There's the Rosicrucians, the Knight's of Templar, and a few recent ones, Ordo Temples Orientis with "Aleister Crowley" a self-styled, "The Great Beast" and the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn. I could go on and on listing all the different secret societies, there were/are, some still relevant today, others long forgotten or have morphed into something else. 

What I want to know is where do you go to sign up for one of these societies? And why hasn't anyone ever asked me to join one?

I can keep a secret! It's no secret that I could start my own secret society with all the secrets that I've accumulated over the years.

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