Jesus' Earthly Parents — Joseph and Mary — Opposites Attract?

In the 8th century, Caesar Augustus had just decreed that all inhabitants of the Roman Empire to be numbered, "A new method for better taxation purposes," he said. The Jews at the time were totally opposed to such measures.

Two lost souls, Joseph and Mary wandering the desert. Joseph was perplexed at how to explain his wife Mary's, new virgin pregnancy plus going to Bethlehem to sign the census. She was almost due, but like a stubborn mule, insisted on going too. She packed her bags against Josephs' wishes... you know the rest of the story, but what do we really know about them, Jesus's parents, Joseph and Mary?

There probably wasn't a more upstanding citizen in the Roman Empire than Joseph, a well-mannered, conscientious Jew. He had little to say, a thinker. The plight of the Jews at the time gave him much anguish. All he could think of was his people, his people! Probably starting the whole wailing and beating your head against a brick wall thing, I bet.

He had eight brothers and sisters and was a delight to be around as a child, but after he grew up and married Mary his whole demeanour changed, he became very discouraged with religion. He became a carpenter, a very good one and prospered but had an untimely death, a work related accident.

Mary on the other hand was the complete opposite, a weaver and housekeeper, she was always cheery, never seen sad or downcast, at least not at first, let's say up until Joseph died, people were delighted in her sunny disposition and her open expressions of emotion. Joseph's passing wasn't the only thing that made her sad. Her first born son, the little-understood Jesus was giving her headaches. Through all of his shenanigans (feeding and healing people) she kept her cool.

Jesus was said to have inherited his father's unusual gentleness and calm, his compassion and sympathetic understanding of human nature. Jesus was said to be very much like Joseph, meditative and worshipful and sometimes sad. His intuition and teaching skills he inherited from his mother. He emulated his mother's optimism, her determination and learned the gift for gab. She was like one of those, child star mothers. A Momma BooBoo of sorts, wanting more and more from her child, her first born.

Both came from well defined stock. Both Joseph's and Mary's parents were very well educated for the times. Joseph's family became believers in Jesus' teachings but few of Mary's people believed in Jesus, until his death, then they finally believed.

Joseph, a traditionalist was well versed in the Hebrew scriptures. He was a dark-eyed brunette, a thinker who had faith in his son. 

The liberal Mary was a voluptuous brown eyed blonde, a planner and more dubious, the opposite of Joseph, but they worked well together.

They met while Joseph was doing a contracting job for Mary's father. She came out with a jug of water for the workers during lunch and spotted him up on a ladder with his shirt off—I'm just supposing—immediately taking a shining to him. It was love at first sight. Their destiny had been sealed. They got married Jewish style when Joseph was twenty-one after courting her for two years.

We've all heard the old clichéOpposites attract. Well, here is a perfect example; Joseph and Mary, Jesus' earthly parents. You couldn't find two more different people.


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