January 2011 — The Month Millions Upon Millions of Birds, Fish and Animals Died. The Cause Unknown.

The cause unknown. People surmised that the massive fish and bird die-offs were caused by some freakish weather phenomenon or disease. Others blamed it on pollution, which was eventually ruled out. We even blamed the secret effects of High Frequency used as a weapon, being tested by the United States, a supposedly man-made weather modifier (HAARP).

People sat up and started to take notice when on New Year's Day, 2011, the residents of a small town in Arkansas, called Beebe, basically a crossroads, woke to find thousands of Red-winged blackbirds dead, lying in the middle of the town's streets. The birds had died overnight, but Red-wings don't fly at night! They should have rousted as darkness approached and stayed there until daylight as they always do. New Year's Eve fireworks took much of the blunt of the blame, but it was never proven. Then others said it was poison. Autopsies proved that theory wrong also. Little was said about the three people that died of lightning strikes throughout the night.

It all started on December 20, 2010 when a report came in that hundreds of tons of fish were being washed up on the shores of Brazil. No one thought too much about it, after all Brazil is a zillion miles away. Then, on January 4, 2011 more things started to happen: 500 crows died in Louisiana about 300 miles south of Beebe. Other places reported the same event, hundreds of birds dead from Kentucky to Sweden. Millions upon millions of dead fish washed up, on the shores of Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, making headline news.

The next day, the 5th, a hundred thousand dead fish were reported floating belly up in the Arkansas River, just about 100 miles from Beebe. Thousands and thousands of crabs, lobsters, sponges and anemones washed up on the shores of England and thousands of fish washed up in New Zealand.

Canada wasn't immune, on January 6, thousands of birds died in Manitoba, more died and were found floating along with thousands of dead fish in the St. Clair River, Ontario. Further south, more dead fish and birds were found in Lincoln Park, Michigan, right down to the whole eastern border of Texas. Hundreds of pelicans were found dead on the shores of Topsail Beach, North Carolina. 

On January 7, New Zealand discovered petrels and other seabirds dead on their shores. Hundreds of tons of dead fish washed up in the Philippines and tons of farm fish from Vietnam, were all dead from unknown causes. 

January 8. Thousands of turtle doves died in Italy. Thousands  died in Wilson County, Tennessee.

January 10. South Carolina reported thousands of different dead sea life washed up on their beaches. Australia reported thousands of fish, alligators and turtles in Bolivia, thousands and thousands of tons of fish in China, Cuba and India. More birds in Germany, even dead whales off the Ghana coast.

January 11. More dead birds reported in Brazil, Thailand, Sweden and America.

January 12. Turkey reported thousands of birds falling out of the sky.

January 14. Hundreds of birds were found dead in Alabama.

January 15. More birds in Ukraine. Dozens of seals dead off the coast of Norfolk. One house in Britain got pelted with hundreds of dead birds falling on it and on a nearby beach thousands of dead crabs. Hawaii lost a large number of puffer fish. More birds in Illinois. The largest unexplained whale deaths occurred in the waters off Argentina.

Throughout the month of January 2011, the deaths kept happening, from birds in Louisiana, to pilot whales in New Zealand, to ten thousand cattle in Vietnam, two hundred cattle in Wisconsin, twenty horses in Virgina and a million dead fish in a Los Angeles marina, and in another Florida marina which was followed by millions of dead jelly fish. For a complete list go to End Times Prophecy you'll be amazed how frequent these events are. Almost daily.

Many conspiracy theories have emerged since, from Monsanto's genetic engineering program, or chemicals thrown into the Gulf of Mexico to cover up the BP oil spill, remember that? Or the end of times; the great Judgment Day scenario, a bad omen for things to come. Two crazy theories offers these explanations; it was the Bush family working with the Bilderbergers, or it was Earth's movements which caused the release of a huge amount of methane gas.

All I know is something is happening and that HAARP or something similar, a weapon to control weather is the prime suspect. Whatever happened will probably stay a mystery but it's strange none the less. Strange indeed!

Just more fuel to feed the fire. The end is nigh, could it possibly have begun?

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