Is Abortion Immoral? The "Looks Like A Baby" Claim

Is abortion considered immoral. Should we categorize it with killing an innocent adult human being?

Consider, a fetus as an innocent human being. Killing an innocent human being is always wrong, therefore killing a fetus is always wrong. There is something fundamentally wrong with this premise.

9 week old human embryo

First, the very early stages of an embryo are arguably not a person, but some people believe it is and defend their views on religious grounds. 

Most anti-abortionists believe that life begins from the moment of conception, that fetuses resemble babies, arguing that fetuses possess the human genetic code, which proves there is sufficient evidence that abortion is morally akin to murder. Abortionists believe fetuses are not persons, not rational agents nor social beings. Pro-choicers argue that abortion is not a wrongful killing. Both claims seem to have some validity, but the "looks like a baby" claim may be difficult to establish, the earlier the pregnancy.

We've come to a deadhead on the subject. How can we resolve this standoff? Anti-abortionists claim their position is correct, that it is morally wrong to end the life of a baby, no matter what state of growth it is in, conception to full term. This position is generally accepted as morally correct. Then there is the pro-choice's view that being a person, being born is what gives an individual moral worth.  

The problem with the Anti-abortionist view is that the principles involved have such a broad scope and they embrace too much in the early development of a fetus. The pro-choicer doesn't embrace enough and has narrower views. He tries hardest to find a moral reason to keep fetuses from falling under the wrongness of killing. To them the Anti-abortionists views are too broad to be accepted.

What it all boils down to is that the abortion controversy is more of a theoretical account than a practical application of the wrongness in believing killing a human being immoral, let alone murdering a fetus. How could we conceivably show that abortion is immoral or even permissible on this assumption? The answer is, we can't. The "looks like a baby" claim has no justification.

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