Before Religion There Was "Ghost Fear" — A New Kind Of Terror For Early Man

A long time ago, during the Stone Age primitive people's desires and needs brought together the original human societies, but it was Ghost Fear that bound them together, bringing the extra human aspect of life after death into existence. Common fear was physiological in origin; the fear of pain, the fear of starvation and the fear of different calamities man faced daily, but Ghost Fear was a new kind of terror.

Most dreams left primitive man perplexed. It is basically agreed that the Ghost Dream was the greatest single factor in the evolution of human society. Just the thought of a ghost terrorized early man, driving them into each others arms for mutual protection against the unseen and vague imaginary dangers of the spirit world.

The Ghost Dream was one of the first appearing differences between animal and man. Animals do not visualize an afterlife. 

Fundamental needs and biologic urges shaped all societies. The ghost factor introduced a new element to civilization, something outside the realm of the needs of individuals and the struggles of the group as a whole, the dread of departed souls. 

So appalling and such a powerful terror the Ghost Fear was, it contributed to the rise of religion, which heralded in the, "Fear of the Lord." Supposedly, the beginning of wisdom.

Ever since those long ago times mankind has strived to attain some level of spirituality. Ghost Fear, from its earliest forms evolved into the powerful social bond it is today. 

If you've ever around someone when they see a ghost, be prepared to get a hug, that's all I'm saying.

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