10 Ways To Amass Material Wealth—"What Goes Around Comes Around."

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 1 Timothy 6:10

For the money is the root of all evil, they say. You don't have to be a bad-ass jerk to accumulate money and then again you could be.  Just remember, what goes around comes around. Here are 10 different methods for amassing material wealth, some good some bad. 

1.  Inherited Wealth. If you are one of the lucky people, you might get an inheritance.  Consider it's sources.  You are under moral obligation to represent past generations as much as to succeeding generations after taking your fair share for the present generation.  You are under no obligation to continue any dishonesty or injustice and if the money was originally derived from fraud or unfairness it is up to you to disburse it in accordance to your own convictions, how generous you are and what kind of restitution you are seeking. A wise person uses discrimination and sound judgment when bequeathing riches to his successors.

2.  Discovered Wealth. If you are lucky enough to discover an oil well, or anything else derived from the natural resources of mother earth it would pay to realize that you are only on earth for a short time.  Make adequate provision for sharing to the largest number of men but don't forget yourself, you are entitled to the reward for your efforts of discovery just don't get greedy and think Mother Earth's hidden treasures are solely for your purposes.

3.  Trade Wealth. The world was built on trade and bartering, you are entitled to a fair and legitimate profit. Every trade deserves compensation for a job well done and you have an honest say in the distribution of that compensation.

4.  Unfair Wealth.  No one has the right to stoop low enough in the eyes of God, to enslave or exploit someone else. Riches turn to curses and spiritual stigmas when they are derived unfairly. All gains done unfairly should be returned to the ones who have been robbed.

5.  Interest Wealth.  Honesty should be paid in interest, as long as the original loan is legitimate and never, never lend or take from a person in financial duress. Karma will come around and bite you in the ass.

6.  Genius Wealth.  Whatever your creativity, whatever the human mind can invent, the spoils are yours.  Don't steal someone else's ideas.

7.  Accidental Wealth.  Remember man is mortal, he cannot control every aspect of his life, some things just happen.  Go with it!  Buy that lucky ticket.  Share when you win.

8.  Stolen Wealth.  Stealing, Be it from fraud, dishonest practises, unjust dealings or unfair methods make haste and correct all ill-gotten gains.  It's your duty to make amends and cleanse your fortune of all dishonesty.

9.  Trust Funds.  Trust funds are when money is put aside for the benefit of all.  Be careful, do not take more than your fair share.  

10. Earned Wealth.  An honest days pay for an honest days work, harming no one, that's the motto.

Which ever method you use to amass that fortune you've always dreamt about, just remember; Money is the root of all evil and what goes around comes around. Select your method wisely.

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Ref: The Urantia Book

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