Yay or Nay — Statistics Don't Make It Morally Right!

Just because you, as one person think and feel something to be true about a moral issue doesn't make it so, nor does it settle a matter. What does matter most is; what most of us think about it!

You alone are just one little squeaky voice out of a possible 6.5 billion. Your voice and opinions alone mean nothing. Only, collectively can it ever possibly be heard.

It just stands to reason that to find the correct answers to any questions that you may have about what's right or wrong, would be to ask the masses what they think or how they feel about the issue. Reading graphs, studying charts, navigating maps, conducting opinion polls, the gathering of a multitude of statistics and compiling them all together, this should reveal the truth.

This approach is basically flawed because it shows that all these statistics to be a representation of what people think or feel at the time. Let me give you this simple example.

A few years ago, in my youth smoking marijuana was illegal, it was just morally not accepted and most people were firmly against it. Remember the War on Drugs? People voted for that. With severe punishments (jail terms and hefty fines) being dealt out by the courts as if a new cash cow. But that didn't make it right.

Now, those laws have all since changed, pot is now accepted by the main-stream. The harsh laws are relaxed now. Pot is easy to obtain, as easy as going to your local grocery. A completely drastic moral change in public opinion.

But that doesn't mean the majority is right. There was a time when everyone believed the world was flat. That consensus didn't settle the dilemma, "The correct description of the World's shape." We all know that opinion poll was completely wrong.

So, it's settled, we cannot answer any moral questions just by taking a vote, or because the majority of people believe it so. 

Yay or nay, statistics don't make it right! As Mark Twain once said, "There are lies, damn lies and statistics."

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