Women Drivers — It Strikes Fear In Mortal Man

There is a great fear in Saudi Arabia and that is women drivers!

It's ascribed to Islam, woman' rights are based on long cultural traditions and social considerations and is open to interpretation and could not possibly be grounded in the Quran, since this terror is a recent aberration. How long of a time span has passed since the automobile was invented? Then the Quran? There is a time discrepancy here. It just doesn't make sense. 

It still strikes fear into every Muslim man living in Saudi Arabia. Women to them, are just not physically or mentally capable of driving a car. End of discussion.

Instead it is a modern social measure. To stop the intermingling of women and men in unsafe places. They are afraid of what would happen, if a lone female driving along a street and her car breaks down. She will surely be raped, no matter where she is.

The Quran gave women certain specific rights about living, considered to be startling advances when Mohammad was living but over time, men construed the words and their meanings and ignored women's God-given rights, for their own agenda, to build up patriarchal cultures and repressive political regimes.

That is the reason why women don't drive in Saudi Arabia. It's all about oppression. No bull!

In Canada, we have our own reasons to fear woman drivers. 

But then again, that's another blog.

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