When Female Suicide Bombers Go Beyond What Is Expected of Them -— They Will Receive Martyrdom.

Let's face it, male suicide bombers are mostly motivated by religion and national fanaticism. Where, women suicide bombers on the other hand are more motivated by very personal reasons like the death of a loved one. We recognize female operatives from Chechnya as "Black Widows," in Sri Lanka as "The Black Tigresses."  

Women are not new to this game. They come from; Italy's Red Brigades, Germany's Baader Meinhof faction, the Black Panthers, the Weathermen, and the Japanese Red Army and many more. Palestinian women for instance try to recover their families honour, a way to escape their predestined lives and what is expected of them. The intentions of women to become human bombs are to make a statement not only to their country but to their religion, to their leader and to their gender.

In a strategic sense, women are able to gain access to places men can't, due to the Islamic ideology that women are basically 'dumb' and illiterate, incapable of planning an operation. 

Male suicide bombers gain status and prestige no matter what they do, as long as they have shown intent, where women on the other hand gain status only if they go beyond what is expected of them to achieve martyrdom or are wounded carrying out heroic acts and abiding by high moral standards.

Many women suicide bombers are not trained or even psychologically prepared when that moment to act comes and opt out, to a personal worse fate.

Suicide bombings are on the upswing. The female bombers don't fit the profile of the other known bombers of years ago. There is a new model of a suicide bomber on the war front, the first female Hamas suicide bomber. 

Reem Riashi was coerced by both her husband and lover to save face after having an extramarital affair. The two women that brought down two Russian jets in 2004 were women that couldn't have children, which is stigmatized in Chechen society.

Pity the poor girl that gets raped in some of these countries. They get special treatment by suicide bomber recruiters, sometimes raped by the recruiters themselves. 

Male suicide bombers get an added bonus which women don't, 72 dark eyed virgins when they get to the pearly gates. If I were a woman suicide bomber, I'd demand equal rights.

But then again, that's another blog.

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