What Do You Call A Graveyard For Lost Expensive Planes? — The Million Dollar Valley

Pierre Berton wrote about a valley called, The Graveyard of Lost Planes in The Mysterious North (1956). He describes looking down on the area, situated in the extreme southeast corner of the Yukon Territory as he flew over.

"The planes look like wounded eagles, sitting in the snow. They add a bizarre touch to this already bizarre corner of the north."

There is a logical explanation for why the planes crashed. It was no mystery. Cause of crash; human error. A misjudgement. Three planes went down, killing everyone on board them. It was investigated intensively.

The three crashed B-26 planes sat in the valley untouched long before a party of men were sent to retrieve most of their vital parts. The gutted planes, like monolithic tombstones stood as testimony of their fate until they too, were finally salvaged and then restored back to their original condition.

The name of the valley, The Graveyard of Lost Planes eventually turned into The Million Dollar Valley in memory of the cost of the three expensive airplanes, lost in the snow, never seeing combat and since all traces of the airplanes have been removed and the planes were having a rebirth after being refurbished, there was no longer a need to call it a graveyard anymore. 

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