Were the Great Pyramids of Egypt at One Time Nuclear Reactors for Alien Airships?

Around the year 2500 BC, give or take a few years, it is presumed that the Great Pyramid of Gizah was built. According to legend, it was built by Demi-Gods and the last to be built, taking about 30 years from start of construction to completion. Others still survive nearby that are much older, Maidum, Dasher and Saqqara

People at the time, living along the Nile River were ignorant to the process of building pyramid like structures. They lacked the scientific skills to physically erect a pyramid, nor did they have the complex mathematical skills needed just in the planning.

It's surprising that the Egyptians never recorded the process. If they did they were destroyed. The high priests at the time already were recording dates for Gods, Demi-Gods, Priests, Kings and Priest-Kings tens of thousands of years before, even commenting on the sinking of Atlantis and such, but nothing about the building of the pyramids.

It's been speculated that the four pyramids are left over Atomic Piles, ancient nuclear reactors, which produced plutonium for ancient aliens (Nommo) that were marooned here on earth, using humans as slaves to build them. 

After the aliens (Gods) left, the melt down of the reactors began leaking a wave of radiation, killing millions of people living on the West Bank of the Nile, a zone that was once known as the 'Zone of Death' or the Valley of Kings. Doughtfully, there is a connection to grave yards but more likely connected to, a 'high radiation area' and a 'keep out zone.' In Egyptian history this period was called the Dark Age

It's been recorded that the people of this time were sickly looking and short lived, which also might explain the sudden deaths of grave robbers at the opening of tombs. Radiation poisoning.

This period ended with the Great Flood, which cleansed the land and flushed all the radiation away from Lower Egypt.  

Sounds like a good theory. Aliens were the original builders of the pyramids.

Then that's another blog.

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