Vancouver's Most Darkest Side — The Unsolved Pauls Murders

Vancouver is not immune to horror stories, we do have a few. One such notable and unsolved murder is the murders of the Pauls family, Vancouver's #1 murder mystery; David Pauls, his wife Helen and their daughter Dorothy were found murdered in their humble little house, a modest bungalow on East 53rd Street, at the time a quiet suburb of Vancouver.

The Pauls Home 
East 53rd St. Torn down after the murders.

The Pauls were a good, hard-working family.

The Pauls' In Better Times

It all started on June 11-1958, when the police were doing a follow-up, after someone called the police saying David, nor Helen had not shown up for work. Dorothy was absent from school. They dropped around the house to investigate. What they found sickened them:

Upon entering the house, Helen's body is discovered in the hallway, face down in a pool of her own clotted blood. When she was turned over huge shards of glass protruded from her face and surrounding her body. She had been shot in the face first then beated afterwards.

In the first bedroom off the hallway they found the Pauls eleven year old daughter, Dorothy, half-nude and her robe wrapped around her head, then smashed.

Down in the basement they found David, shot first in the face, then beaten to death.

Up to this day the murders have never been solved. There was virtually no evidence left at the scene of the crime, just a hand print on the kid's bedroom wall and a loose garden rock, outside Dorothy's bedroom. Witness accounts of noises and cars lurking near the house but nothing became of it.

During the investigation they found there were actually a series of rapes and murders prior to this murder. A woman by the name of Evelyn Roche was murdered three months earlier. 

That petered out too, nothing substantial became of it.

At first, it was thought to be a botched robbery but nothing was stolen, then a peeping tom caught in the act, a serial killer, even a communist plot against Pauls' Russian ancestry. Helen wasn't even home when her husband and daughter were killed. She died last, meaning the killer had to wait for her to arrive home, unusual behaviour for a thief.

This murder introduced the world to Vancouver's most Darkest Side. The Pauls Murders case, still unsolved.

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