There Are Many Mori Ghosts In Iceland, But Only One In Manitoba.

Somewhere in the province of Manitoba there is a lost Mori. An ancient Icelandic ghost, of a young boy who died around the turn of the century in Iceland. He was risen from the grave to "haunt a certain person" who had emigrated to Canada around the turn of the century and settled in Manitoba. Apparently, the unidentified man had murdered someone before he left that country. 

By the time the Mori arrived in Manitoba he had lost track of his intended victim and never did find him. He still wanders the highways and byways, towns and cities to this day.

Occasionally, he'll stop someone on the street tapping on their shoulders and asking for directions. People that have met him describe him as being very sad and lonely, an introvert. He's always dressed in brown. 

You may think you see him, a brown shadow out of the corner of your eye, but when you take a second look he's gone. You may hear him knock at your door or rap on your window but there's nobody there. He has a way of vanishing into thin air.

According to Dave Arnason of St.John's College in Winnipeg, there's many Moris in Iceland but only one in Manitoba.

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