The Non-violent Islamic Takeover Of North America

The Non-violent way to take-over North America is not only legal, but this approach is more gentle, kinder and favourable to the Islamist Jihadist extremist. After all, Islamists are not out to destroy us but to rescue us, then make us over, eventually saving us. They've opted to work with the us rather than fight us. They are willing to play our game.

The short term goal of Islam is to introduce Islam to North America. Since 911 and as far as I know, that strategy is working. Let the West see the Muslim way. Stealthily, infiltrate the government, the educational system, the distribution system, the energy sources and introduce Halal. Change the laws, just one at a time. Go forth and multiply, by immigration and conversion. 

Not that far fetched of a plan. After all it only takes a few more votes to change laws.

The long term goal of Islam is to save the West by offering an alternative lifestyle, something more acceptable in the eyes of God (Allah). 

Strip the female of her rights, behead homosexuals and anyone who will not convert and then deal with the converters later. Spreading Allah's word is the only justifiable reason why any Muslim would want to live in the land of the Infidels. 

To quote Shamim Siddiqi, "There is no choice in the matter—American Muslims are 'Ordained by Allah' to help replace evil with good and otherwise 'have no right even to breathe' wherever you come from, you came for one reason and one reason only—to establish Allah's word." 

It is an established fact; that over 2/3 of North Americans that convert to Islam are influenced by a Muslim friend or acquaintance. 

Something to think about.

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Ref: Autobiography of Malcolm X (1966)
       Islamic Fundamentalism

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