The Magic of Circle's and Spirals — They Offered Protection Against Evil

In the natural world there is the sun, the moon, the planets, all circles. Then there are the breathtaking spiral galaxies. Circles and spirals are everywhere. They are the rings of trees, the centre of daisies, the shape of a bird's nest, a snails shell, a coiled snake about to strike. They're in the sky, tornadoes and dust bunnies. In the water, whirlpools and the ripple of waves. Nature itself, circling and cycling through the seasons, repeating itself in an endless rhythm of day and night.

Man has been using circles and the spirals as symbols since the Paleolithic Age, carved in bone and painted on cave walls. There were antler bones found in Isturitz, France with reliefs of circles and spirals carved into them, that date 25,000 to 20,000 BC.

Spirals Begin from a Dot and End on a Dot 

The spiral symbol differs from the circle as it begins from a single dot, where a circle has no beginning or end. It represents creation. Double spirals symbolize duality and balance as in the double helix of our genes. A triple spiral symbolizes life itself, the three trimesters of human gestation; birth, life, death. A long time ago, it was believed after a person died, they ascended to Heaven by climbing a spiral staircase or spiral path up the side of a mountain as depicted by William Blake's eighteenth century painting of Jacob's Ladder.

Circles Have No Beginning, Nor End

The circle symbol signifies eternity and wholeness, the heavens and the cosmos, the absolute and most perfect in shape. It represents social and political life. The preferred shape of assembly; boy scouts sitting around a campfire in a circle, Knights of the Round Table, etc. It's associated with protection and safety, warding off evil. In witchcraft, the magic circle guarded you against negative psychic forces. Rings, necklaces, crowns and bracelets are circles that can be worn for protection.

Did you know the circle is the easiest geometric shape to draw accurately? All you need is a stick and string, but try drawing one free hand, it never looks perfectly round. Not when I do it anyway. 

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