The Legend of "D'Sonoqua" The Wild Woman of the Woods — Is She a Sasquatch?

There's a close likeness, between the D'Sonoqua and the illusive Sasquatch or Bigfoot? I think they are the same thing.

The D'Sonoqua (Dzunukawa) are creatures believed to live in the Canadian wilderness among the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast, especially the north end of Vancouver Island and along the northern British Columbia Coast to Haida Gwaii. 

She is a supernatural giant, sometimes clumsy and outwitted, black in colour, who roams the woods carrying a large basket on her back seeking out children that she snatches from the arms of awe struck and terrified parents and takes them back to her cave in the mountains, to cook and eat. She especially loves tasty little disobedient children.

The legend is so strong, Emily Carr the late great Canadian artist and writer painted a picture of the D'Sonoqua and wrote about them in her book Klee Wyck.

I'm not a big fan of Emily Carr, but one thing for sure, she had a wonderful imagination

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