The Internet's Harmful Ways

Eating disorders are a growing health concern for Internet users. Today approximately 50% of women and 33% of men are unhappy with their weight. Another concern is males are unhappy with the size of their muscles, as per (Mohnke and Warsjcbirger 2011). 

Some say, the Internet is evil, a tool of the Devil, a platform for the world's worst writers and spellers. It's making us lazy, that we're so lazy we won't even take the time to stretch a finger and automatically spell-check our own work. 

We've become more narcissistic and opinionated (especially over other peoples spelling mistakes)

Some of us sit for hours in the dark, in the same position, transfixed to the monitor, chained to a keyboard and a mouse. Getting upset when the batteries run low. 

Most of us already have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and are constantly in pain. We are becoming more stupid with every click of the mouse. That daily half hour searching through x-rated web sites, is not an intellectual activity. We are having less intimate time with other people and more intimate time with ourselves. Blink! Blink!

Our self esteem is always at an all time low, we just can't stop comparing our bodies to others. You know, the ones on those x-rated sites. 

If you're like me, I have pop, chips, sandwiches, etc. surrounding my computer. I'm always munching. Candy galore. I'm lost without my tea. I've replaced breakfast with a bottle of Boost and a coffee, double, double, sometimes triple, triple. 

Where I'm sitting now, I can reach the door without getting out of my chair. I could order lunch and have it delivered. 

One thing is for sure; the computer is making us all a little crazier. Even a bit more honest, getting upset over giving out the wrong postal code to a potential hook-up. Okay, I'm lying. I never give out personal information on the internet.  

But then again, that's another blog.

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