The Freightliner Unimog — Once A Symbol of Man's Success Now a Symbol of Man's Excess.

In German, the Unimog is an acronym for a big machine or big device and are currently being produced in two models, introduced in 1955. The medium and heavy series trucks were first intended for the farm market to carry heavy loads with their flexible high ground clearance frame which allows for a wide range of vertical movements and all-wheel drive. Their wheels are larger than normal, for speed. No ground surface was too difficult for the Unimog which make them ideal for off-roading.

Unimogs' are used by the military as armoured vehicles, accessing remote installations, as troop carriers, ambulances, and command centres. Civilians use them for fire fighting and other emergency situations, like snow removal and can be equipped with the latest equipment. You've seen pictures of them, full of people watching the polar bears, used for ecotourism and safaris.

Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger, he had one while driving around California, similar to a Hummer. A 2012, U1300 Diesel. A monster.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving His Unimog

In 2002, the DaimlerChrysler Corporation tried to re-enter the Unimog to the North American market, with little success, competing against other SUV's and lighter trucks, plus the other giants like Caterpillar, John Deere, AM General, etc. After selling just 184 Unimogs in five years, citing non-compliance with emission requirements Daimler shut production down. They are still being produced in Germany.

People today buy and drive these monster vehicles to turn heads, as status symbols. They say they're needed for safety but really, how many drive-by shootings and murders involving drugs and criminals happens while the person is driving a Hummer. Quite a bit! Something to think about. I personally hate it while I'm sitting at a red light and one pulls up beside me. You don't know, a shoot-out could happen right then. It's happened to others, and they've innocently gotten hurt. Hummers and Unimogs the preferred method of transport for drug dealers. They get under 10 miles per gallon of gasoline. Could you imagine if Unimog's sold as well as SUV's and trucks are selling today? The pollution. The waste. 

Now-a-days it's the Smart car, the Hydrogen car, the Electric car, an array of Hybrids, even bicycles and walking are gaining momentum. The Unimog's future is it's own demise. 

The Freightliner Unimog, once a symbol of man's success, now a symbol of man's excess.

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