Jesus Asked for Help to Carry The Cross, "Tarry Thou Till I Return." The Wandering Jew Said, "No!"

The Wandering Jew in Christian legend has many names, Ahasuerus and Caraphilus are two common ones. He was the imaginary cobbler who, while in Jerusalem, on Good Friday A.D. 32 was asked to aid Jesus of Nazareth and help him bare Jesus's cross to Golgotha.

Jesus turned to him and asked, "Tarry thou till I return."

He supposedly refused and taunted Jesus on the way to his crucifixion.

To this day, the Wandering Jew has been doomed to wander the earth until the Second Coming of Christ, the consequences for disobeying this one and only request by Jesus.

For over two thousand years, the Wandering Jew has roamed all the lands of the world, including Canada's, rural Quebec. This encounter was recorded in Paul A.W. Wallace book—Baptiste Larocque: Legends of French Canada (1923) and describes a meeting with a local, who tries to convert him to Christianity.

He is ageless and when he meets people on his travels, he always astonishes them with his detailed knowledge of the divine and human nature of everyday life at the beginning of the Christian era. 

During World War II, his presence was felt in an unlikely spot, Niagara-on-the-Lake. Malcolm Lowry wrote about him in his book, October Ferry to Gabriola (1970). At the time, the local movie theatre was showing a movie called, The Wandering Jew (1933)

The story of the Wandering Jew is basically about human nature and has been implanted deep into our consciousness or it wouldn't have survived or lasted as long as it has. 

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