It Promised 200 Miles Per Gallon of Gasoline — Whatever Became of the Pogue Carburetor?

Did the Pogue Carburetor ever exist?

As soon as the small time mechanic/inventor of the Pogue carburetor, Charles Nelson Pogue announced he had invented an automobile carburetor that could make a car travel 200 miles on a gallon of gas and demonstrated it in Winnipeg, Manitoba (1933) to the Ford Motor Company using his super-carburetor system on a 1932 Ford V8 motor he suddenly, seemingly overnight became a successful and rich CEO of a company that made oil filters for the motor industry and nothing ever became of the carburetor.

T.G.Green, President of the Breen Motor Company did the tests, which proved the Pogue carburetor did exist and did what it was claimed.

In 1936, oil stock plummeted after hearing the news.

Nazi Germany, suddenly became interested in the invention. It was simply a matter of heating the gas first, then using the vapour to run the engine. There is reason to believe the Pogue carburetor was used during World War II, installed in American Army Tanks but were removed after the war was over. 

Charles Nelson Pogue in 1953, admitted he was plagued by oil executives at the time that wanted to buy interest in the invention. He was threatened with his and his families lives, his home was broken into many times and he was the victim of political pressure by both the Canadian and American government.

Was he bought out?

Years later after many interviews, one being interviewed by Cars magazine in 1954, he denied ever having claimed the Pogue carburetor got 200 mpg. When asked by I. Galoney the interviewer if he had been "bought off." 

Pogue answered, 
"No!" adding, "I don't want to talk about it anymore."

In another telephone interview by George Gamester of The Toronto Star in 1977, 

Pogue replied,

"I have nothing to say, nothing at all. Good bye."

What was he trying to cover-up?

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