Is It Cold Outside Or What? Temperatures Plummet As Jack Frost Leaves The North Pole

It was so cold today in some parts of the country, the words I spoke today outdoors, froze in mid-air as they left my lips. It was that cold.

You've heard of Jack Frost? How about his cousin, Frosty the Snowman? Or, Rime his sister? What about his brother Hoar Frost? 

Well, something's happening around the North Pole because this November has been deemed one of the coldest in decades.

It seems all four of them have been visiting central Canada and the United States right down to Texas this last week. Temperatures have plummeted to below zero degrees in many places, unusual for this early in the fall season. That's when the surface temperature of air, drops below the freezing point of water. Obviously, they are trying to avoid the remnants of Hurricane Nuri

Jack Frost has been personified as an imp-like, gnome-like creature with a set of small whitish wings on his back. His cheeks are red and rosy from the cold that surrounds him. He walks around, palette and brush in hand painting his world in an array of white colour. He normally never leaves the North Pole living there year round. When he does leave the Pole for a vacation around late December, he stays south, hanging around the lower warmer parts of the world until March, but rarely coming down this early and this far. He basically stops when he reaches the Great Lakes, when he does. You still can't trust him, he's been known to jump the lakes and vacation as far south as Florida and stay until the middle of January, even February.

Something must be happening up there around the North Pole, which is changing the weather patterns around the world. It brings to mind the legend of Hollow Earth with it's portal hidden under the ice near the North Pole. Could that have an influence?

Then, Hollow Earth, that's a topic for another blog, as for now, the weatherman promises it will warm up soon, in a week or so.

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