"If the Bee Disappears From the Surface of the Earth, Mankind Will Soon Perish."

I've always been under the impression that all bees are social insects, but only 5% of the 16,000 species of bees are social and live in hives containing about 80,000 of their closest friends and relatives. They're everywhere except on the cold continent of Antarctica.

The males, the drones are a lazy bunch, they live a life of Riley, awaiting their whole life for a chance to mate with a queen from another hive. The males, during hard times get kicked out of the hive. Out on their lazy asses to fend for themselves by the jealous hard workers. Males are the victims of hatched unfertilized eggs and have huge heads and big bodies compared to the worker and have no stingers.

The males have larger eyes and are used for detecting the occasional queen from another hive that might be flying by, which turns into a 1 or 2 day sexual spree. The poor queen—which originally was thought to be a king, until a Dutch scientist Jan Swammerdam dissected one and found ovaries—is raped by several drones, one right after the other, but she gets revenge. She instinctually rips out half the drones private parts trying to escape, killing them but keeping the vital appendage inside her, eventually collecting 70 million trophy sperm cells, enough to last her life time of 3-4 years. She's now able to lay 500 - 1500 eggs a day. One big baby factory.

Bee's can recognize people's faces by using pattern recognition, but that's not saying they would recognize you in a crowd, just the pattern. They're better than sniffer dogs for detecting explosives and are presently being trained to do just that. Beware when going through airport security, we don't want you to get stung.

During World War I, honey which has a long shelf life was applied to combat wounds to promote clotting because it naturally attracts and absorbs moisture. It's an active ingredient, containing many vitamins and minerals that fight bacteria (maybe Ebola, time will tell), with no caustic properties, for many different kinds of medicine.

Bubblebees can interpret time and can also be trained. The buzz you hear when one passes is their wings flapping 11,400 times a minute, flying at 15 miles per hour. It is not aerodynamic and shouldn't be able to fly but it does. 

The law of the hive: There shall be only one queen. So, when hatched, a queen will go around and kill all the other potential queens, inevitably taking complete control of the hive.

Lately, with the depletion of the honeybee population around the world, the Earth is in danger. An internet quote has been circulating lately that says, 

"If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, mankind will soon perish."

During the 1984 Challenger flight, 3,300 bees went into zero gravity. They produced nearly perfect honey combs. There was one difference, though, they didn't go to the washroom. The place was clean as a whistle. Upon arrival back on earth, they did their business, which means they held it in for seven days without any apparent problems, continuing what bees do and that is making honey shortly after the defecation.

In folklore, if a bee enters your house, expect a visitor.  If you kill it, expect it to be not so pleasant of a visit. 

Instead, invite the bee and the visitor in, offer honey or sugar with that tea.

Then again, inviting strangers in for tea is for another blog.

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