Harper's Television Ad - Trying To Scare Parents Into Believing Marijuana Is Harmful?

How low will the Harper government go? Where does he get his nerve?  

Of course, it all depends on which side of the fence you belong to. The 42nd Election is coming up next year. 

Now, Harper's government is posting this television advertisement. If you watch television and live in Vancouver you've seen this ad. It makes me wonder where they got their facts, after all I'm a connoisseur of the green leafy plant called, Cannabis Sativa.

I got an email the other day, from Dana Larsen, Campaign Director for Sensible✔BC. Showing me this advertisement. I've seen it, many times.

Three hundred times stronger. Are they trying to fool us? Here are the medical facts. It mentions only a few medical problems, but you'd have to be a chronic smoker.  Then, I looked at cigarette smoking. Documented problems are mentioned page after page, coming out of our ying-yangs. I typed in, problems smoking cigarettes, and got 20,900,000 results. If the government is really serious about our health don't you think they should be targeting the big cigarette companies, instead?  What are these marijuana farmers doing? If the average high school educated pot grower can increase a cannibis plant's yield and potency by increasing purity 300 times, why can't botanists and other scientists make other plants more powerful, like the vitamin C content in a simple plant like a zucchini, or an apple?  Are our high-tech marijuana farmers growing better pain medicine than the big drug companies? The general public would agree, I hope.  So, if that were true, that it's 300 times stronger, then I should have died a long time ago, either that or I'm immune to THC the cannabinoid, in pot. Don't you think Harper is pushing this issue a little bit too far? Spreading lies like this, using our children to gain our support for his political agenda? Is there such a thing as a pot scientist? Or, are they just plain indoor farmers, ma and pa shops, that the government wants to shut down? Because they aren't getting their fair share.

What do they actually mean by saying marijuana, "seems harmless?" 

I've been smoking for thirty years. I'm not crazy, I breathe normally, nothing wrong with my lungs. At least, I don't think so but I have to admit some people may have accidentally called me crazy, (but I'm sure they didn't mean it!)  Don't you think Harper is wasting our Canadian Tax Dollars? Spending our money by attacking his opponents using deceptive pre-election advertising promoting the potential harm from using marijuana. Potential in bold brackets. 

Dana was informing me that the federal government was trying to scare parents into believing it caused severe brain damage in our growing youth, the video pretending to be targeting the youth. 

To Dana and myself, we believe this recent television campaign is more about politics than public health. It sure seems like it, especially since they have no backup proof saying what they are saying.

Guess what? As per SensibleBC, this campaign has cost us, that is you and me, $7,000,000. so far. That's seven million dollars in seven weeks, broken down becomes a million a week, broken down even more, $150,000 dollars a day. That's a lot of bucks!  Harper and his cronies just have to go. This is hitting below the belt, something Harper is known for.

But then again, that's another blog.

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