Be Prepared to Meet Your Maker —The Nommos — The Mothership Is Back

Let your imagination flow...  Aliens, Nommos, millions of years ago, travelling far out in space for millennium, in a huge (bigger than Earth) spaceship, then running out of power near and in orbit with the planet Jupiter. 

Over eons, stranded on this spaceship, they built shuttles, called Vimanas which carried ET miners, to prospect for mining sites on the other planets, first Mars then Earth even the Sun, looking for uranium and other minerals and metals that they could take back to refuel the mother ship. 

During their time here on earth, they found the female Bonobos ape and experimented with them, creating what is man today. Initially, to be used as slaves, to work the mines they discovered. Almost like creating living robots to do work for you.

Bonobos Ape, Man's Closest Ancestor

Which would mean, we are all descendants of the Bonobos ape along with the aliens and their a superior set of genes, which are not much suited for Earth, except for intelligence. 

Man is a strange creature, out of place here on this planet. For starters we have no hair as compared to other primates. This physical nudity in itself correlates to a marine environment. Other land animals like birds have feathers, lizards and cows have leather, armadillos armour. Man has plain old skin to protect him from the elements. Hardly effective against the harsh weather of this planet called Earth. Luckily he invented fire.

Did wearing other animals skins cause our DNA to change? It's highly unlikely.

It's more likely, the Aliens were marine creatures, kept warm by the warm waters. First, dropping into the oceans in those shuttles, the Vimanas, during the Devonian Period (Age of Fish) then over a very long time, eventually able to come to land during the end of the Cretaceous Period and announcing the beginning of the Cenozoic Era

By time, I'm talking 64,000,000 years ago when they came out of the water. They were basically aquatic creatures and once they got what they came for, took off back to the mother ship, abandoning the robots they invented. Us.

Wake up! You're only dreaming. Or, were you?

That mother ship I was mentioning floating in orbit around Jupiter. Remember? Well, it's back and might explain all the recent UFO sightings. The alien abductions, the weird body experiments. 

Be prepared to meet your maker. The Nommos our creators are back.

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