'Ararat' A City of Refuge For The Jews — Now Known As 'Martin's Fantasy Island'

Awhile back, I mentioned welcoming Jews to come to Canada and establish a temporary home here, until things are settled back in the Holy Land, over in the Middle East. I whimsically, thought it a novel idea.

But, little did I know that it has been tried before, almost in Canada, on the American side of the US/Canada border. It was called Ararat, the City of Refuge, situated on Grand Island, a 70 square kilometre island, in the middle of the Niagara River above the falls near Buffalo, New York.

Tried before, I mean, as in, the island is still there, but it didn't turn into another Jerusalem. It turned more into an amusement park called, Martin's Fantasy Island, including water slides, rides, arcades, clowns and balloons, the whole darn circus. 

This is what happened; In 1825, a man named Mordecai Manuel Noah, a Portuguese-Jew and New York journalist and politician bought most of Grand Island, to establish a temporary home for displaced Jews of the Diaspora. No one seemed interested. There was more interest in creating a Jewish state in the land of Israel, part of the Ottoman Empire at the time.

The city was never built. Jewish people declared that they are driven by God, and he alone will decide where the Jewish people will hang his coat. 

Then again, that's for another one of my pro-Israeli blogs and I have a lot to say about that. 

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