A Pinch of Salt in Your Coffin Will Ward Off the Devil

Wars have been waged over salt. In Christianity, Judas was believed to have spilt salt while eating at the last supper table when he asked Jesus to pass the salt and pepper. Leonardo da Vinci depicted the spill in his famous painting, The Last Supper. Now, if that weren't unlucky.

For centuries salt was an extremely rare commodity making it a very expensive food preserver but a good one, worth it's weight in gold. Having just enough is linked to having a long and healthy life. Consume too much of it and you risk high blood pressure increasing your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Under five grams is the recommended salt intake for a healthy adult.

Since salt was so expensive in the olden days, you dared not spill any. If you did, it was believed to be a bad omen and Satan would awaken bringing with him a string of bad luck.

The way to counter the bad luck if you do spill any salt is to toss a pinch over your left shoulder in spite of the Devil, throwing it in his face, because that is where he will be standing, right behind your shoulder, waiting for you to spill some. Lucifer is an opportunist. 

Roman Catholics' add it to water to make holy water, using it when performing exorcisms.  

The Chinese have deemed salt to be lucky and sprinkle it around the rooms of new houses, to keep evil out.

Good or bad, may I make a suggestion concerning salt? That when you die, have them drop a pinch of salt into your coffin, if you are being cremated, have them add a pinch of salt before they place you into the oven. It will prevent Satan from entering and possessing your body and taking you down to hell with him. 

You could take this all with a grain of salt, but then, why take any unnecessary risks?

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