A Pig— Under Islamic Shari'ah (Halal), Too Dirty To Eat

I love pork! Juicy pan fried sausages, sizzling bacon, savoury chops, plump roasts and tenderloins, ribs, pulled pork and ham. 

Under Islamic Shari'ah (Halal) there are certain foods and drinks a Muslim cannot consume. Pork is one of those foods that is considered a sin to eat (haraam). It is the only meat that is forbidden. All other types of flesh are acceptable, (Halal) but all have to be prepared using special instructions, including fish and chicken. 

1.  First, the meat has to come from a supplier that uses halal practices, and must he be a Muslim.

2.  Secondly, how did the poor animal die? Did it get conked on the head, a bullet through the brain or it's throat slashed? Oh, and was it a Muslim who did the dirty deed and did he cry out loud moments before he did it, evoking the name of Allah, (Bismillah) "In the name of God" and then three times "Allah akbar" (God is the greatest)?

3.  Third, and this is a major concern, how is the meat is processed? Was it slaughtered using a dull or sharp knife? Did they cut the throat, windpipe and blood vessels without touching the spinal cord all in one swoop? Was the poor animals blood drained from it's veins properly?

Road kill, is off limits as edible. You can't wring a chickens throat. You can't shoot or spear any animal to death and eat it, unless you finish it's life the halal way, by a Muslim, chanting a few words then slicing it's throat, the proper way.

Historically, in Muslim culture and religion, the poor pig is considered, 'Dirty!' Full of uric acid. They eat everything in sight including their own, and are kept under the most unclean and unhygienic of conditions. Hence a "pig sty."

The Quran prohibits the consumption of pork. 2:173, 5:3, 6:145 and 16:115.


If the Quran says it so, then it's so. Allah cannot be criticized. 

"A pig is a dirty animal," Allah says to his flock of goats.

Plus, a pig seems to have no neck which makes it impossible for the proper insertion of the knife and blood letting. They believe the meat is full of toxins and uric acid, 70 different diseases and a multitude of deadly parasitic worms.

It's estimated that 1 in 6 people in Canada and the U.S. have trichinosis obtained from eating pork. Influenzas and flus come from pigs. Pork sausage is made with pieces of pigs lungs. Pork causes hardening of the arteries due to it's high content of fat. Pork eaters are more prone to become obese and also its consumption leads to gallstones. I could go on and on.

It won't change my mind. I love pork!

Allah has made a few exceptions, he will let a Muslim eat a pig, only if there is nothing else to eat and he is starving to death and someone else kills it, say a Jew or a Christian, only then will it be okay.

Halal is not just about food. There's something shady about it. It is about a way of life, permissible only by Islam. 

But then again that's for many future blogs.

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