Why So Depressed? Stop Blaming Yourself For All Life's Woes!

Blame, blame, blame. Why blame yourself for things you can't control?

I've been brought up believing the world to be a fair and a just place. If we do good, good things will happen to us. But, what happens when we still do good and bad things happen to us?

In my preconceived idea that the world is a "Just World" where good is rewarded and bad is punished, we seem to always blame ourselves when the bad things start happening to us.

"Poor me, poor me!" We cry when someone wrongs us, or we get hurt. We regress and blame ourselves no matter what the case. It could even be a natural disaster, but to us it was our fault.

Blaming yourself for every bad situation, feeling guilty for something you had no hand in, even feeling helpless in certain situations can make you feel depressed.

A physiologist by the name of Dorothy Rowe explains: "To turn natural sadness into depression all you have to do is blame yourself for the disaster that has befallen you." She demonstrates that we create and choose our beliefs, and once we understand the idea of a Just World, which isn't so Just and start thinking more rationally about our negative experiences, then we can let them go.

People are not doomed to misfortune, nor are they to be treated badly. We need to stop taking things as personal setbacks or attacks and externalize them and just submit to them.

Bad things do happen to good people, no need to get depressed about it! Get over it!

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