What If: A UFO Landed In Your Backyard?

It's two o'clock in the morning and you are startled awake by an unusual sound and can't tell what it is, except that it's coming from downstairs, so you automatically think you're being robbed. As you slink down the stairs you notice strange colourful lights reflecting on the walls emanating from the kitchen window. Something is in your backyard! It must be the police, you think!

You hear a thump and again automatically think it's the police and they've captured a burglar in your backyard. You slowly edge your way closer to the window and to your amazement you see it's not the police at all, in fact you can't believe your eyes. It's a flying saucer and it's sitting right in the middle of your garden. The UFO is the size of your car. A trap door opens and out pop five or six little green men, extraterrestrials, all brandishing laser looking weapons, quacking like ducks. Sound familiar?

One of them spots you peeking out the window at them. You can hear him say something in Quack, but of course you can't make it out. He points and they all look at you. A light is flashed in your face, blinding you. You can't hide. The aliens gathered, formed a Vee and are moving towards the house. How are you going to handle the situation?

Would you welcome them in, with open arms and offer them tea as you put the kettle on, or would you run like hell? 

I know what I'd do.

Then again, that's a future blog; What If: You had no legs?

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