The Waking Dream - There's A Ghost At The Foot Of My Bed

A sleeping person awakes from a sound that goes bump in the night, or a soft touch, even a breath of air blown towards the face. The room is completely black. He looks down towards his feet and see's standing at the foot of his bed, a ghostly figure. Is he having a nightmare?

Sometimes the figure standing there is someone he knows, a person recently deceased, sometimes not. If the sleeping person is a child, the vision could be a creature from a recently watched movie, a hallucination, it might even be a demon. Then again, it could be a little green man from outer space.

The person having the vision may also experience temporary paralysis, unable to move. He could also feel like he is floating, moving across the room, going through walls and doors, effortlessly.

After the ghostly figure disappears, which it does, the person experiencing the apparition feels a sense of well-being, a feeling of calm over takes him and he usually falls back into a deep slumber effortlessly, to awaken in the morning with little recollection of what happened the night before.

This vision or lucid dream is what we call a "Waking Dream." I had one or two when I was younger, about 14 years of age.

I'll mention one, from my own personal ghost stories. From, when I was a kid, growing up in Hamilton, Ontario. In this instance, I was asleep in my bed. I woke feeling short breaths against my face and when I opened my eyes, I could see the outline of my German Shepard dog in the dark, sitting up close to the edge of the bed, panting into my face. His eyes were like red coals staring back at me.

I asked him (Rex), "What's wrong, what are you up to?"

The dog just stayed in position panting, it's breath felt warm. I reached out to pat his head. His outline was clear as day, even though it was pitch black in the room. My hand went right through him. I remember screaming and jumping up. 

The apparition disappeared as my real dog came running up the stairs, to my rescue, believing something was happening to me.

True to form, I turned the light on, fell back to sleep and woke hardly remembering what happened the night before. Was it a dream, a hallucination  or was it just a 'Waking Dream?'

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