The Quimbaya Jets - A Perfect Example of Occam's Razor.

At a glance, what would you guess this object to be? 

It is made of gold and this one sits in a glass case in the Museum of Gold, Bogota. There are many that have been found around the world. This one is old, from around the first century and was found in Colombia. Archeologists discovered it among other several gold artifacts. They are named the Quimbaya Jets, after the Quimbaya civilization of South America.

Authorities would like us to believe that it's a stylized bird. It really doesn't look like one. Or a flying insect. For one thing, wings on birds and insects are not attached the full width of the wing. It just does not happen in nature.  The ancient people of those times knew how to draw birds and insects and animals, why would they depict one to look like this? 

Could it be an airplane, or a jet? Or, a depiction of a NASA space shuttle?

This is a perfect example of Occam's razor; The most probable solution which makes the fewest assumptions. 

In other words; if all things are equal, the simplest solution is the right one. If an authority person claims the objects to be a bird or an insect, then that is it what it is suppose to be. Simple! Move on, authority figures reject all other claims.

It happened to Galileo when he proposed the earth was round to a bunch of hard liners that believed the world was flat. They would hear nothing of it and put him under house arrest for the rest of his life. How dare Galileo go against the grain! Galileo even showed them a model he made of the earth and planets revolving around the sun, the moon around earth, demonstrating his theories. 

"Who is this heretic, named Galileo?" they probably said, "He's not following protocol and should have asked us, his peers, first. We are obligated to reject his claims."

Back to the Jets. Three German scientists designed their own Jet in 1994, using the Quimbaya Jets as a prototype to make their model. Guess what?

It flew. It flew exceptionally well.

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