The Alexander Oparin Theory - The Ultimate Love Story

Take This Analogy: The Alexander Oparin Theory

The Beginning of Life - The Ultimate Love Story

It's in the early stages of Earth development. Billions of years ago... 

The world is void of oxygen. Elements like; Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen are brewing a cocktail of ammonia and methane, like a bowl of soup. There is no life.  

Suddenly, there is a thunderbolt. A streak of lightning crosses the sky, then there is a sonic boom. 

The lightning bolt and ultraviolet light clash with all these gases, creating water vapour, sugars and amino acids which joined to create proteins. Over time other compounds called nucleotides formed chains of nucleic acid which turned into DNA.

Then the big moment happens;  Protein molecules meet DNA, the 'Ultimate Love Story.' They recognize each other and unite in an endless embrace to survive. And survive they do.

Life has begun, the first living cell is born.

Remember, this is just an Evolutionists' theory, there are others. Creationists have another, their own theory. 

Then, that's another blog.

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