Telepathy — Seeing Thoughts — Be Careful What You Think

Forget about going to Las Vegas and winning at the tables. No one will be able to lie anymore. The world is forever changing and when telepathy becomes commonplace, it will be a whole new ball game. 

New human abilities are on the horizon. There will come a time when man will be able to see thoughts. Right now, without trying too hard, man can already sense what another person is thinking.  

The secret is out. Scientists believe that the mind is an energetic field of thought, which can be read using magnetoencephalography (MEG). What we are actually doing is broadcasting, something yogis and mystics have been doing for centuries confirming to be true the premise that, it's the thought that counts

Semyou Kirlian
It is a proven fact that an invisible communication link exists between two same species as well as between animals and humans. In 1939, a Soviet scientist, Semyou Kirlian, accidentally discovered using a high voltage of electricity a photographic process that takes a picture of an object or a persons real time aura which is emitted up to 5 centimetres away from the body. The process, Kirlian Photography was named after him and is used today in hospitals and sports centres around the world to detect stress, for diagnostic and assessment purposes.

They've used MEG machines on dying patients and found at the moment of death, the area of the stomach and torso loses its life first, followed by the head. The heart and the groin are the last to lose life. It was discovered there is a difference between someone who dies calmly compared to someone who died of a violent death. It appears the soul of people that died a violent death hangs around the body for several days, in a state of confusion and often return to the dead body several times especially at night before completely disappearing, as if burning up unused energy before finally departing never to return. Believe it or not this has been recorded.

In the near future, humans will be able to see thoughts and read minds. There will be no lying from then on. The mind will hold no more secrets. The age of innocence will be over.

Which I'll talk about in another blog.

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