Solipsism — ME, ME, ME.

It's all about me, not you.

I've often wondered if other people think like me. Do they see the world as I see it? 

Of course, I will never know but I do know that everything outside my own mind is unsure and that my own mind is the only sure thing that exists. In fact, everything outside my mind cannot be known and other people's minds may not even exist.

I'm preoccupied with myself and neglect to consider the view point of others.

I'm not alone.

Most religious people, and this is an exaggeration are Solipsists, since they believe the world was made exclusively for them. In extreme cases, solipsism is a radical preoccupation with one's feelings, their desires and egotistic self absorption.

People assume everyone's version of reality is the same as theirs, unable to understand other realities. They lack empathy and deal out false advice wearing blinders and believe in the false notion that they are really aware of whats happening around them.

Sigmund Freud stated that other minds are not known, but only inferred to exist.

Just look at posts from other people, look at the comments. They are set. Everyone has their own ideas, and with some solipsists, they will never change. You could argue yourself blue in the face against these people but it won't get you anywhere. They are like me, Solipsists.  It's not an asset or something to be proud of, it's just me.

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