Ship-wrecked Extraterrestrials Are Back. Either For Our Uranium or To Mate With Our Women

About 64,000,000 years ago the Earth was plunged into coldness and darkness, known as 'Klimasturz,' a major catastrophe caused by the impact of a meteor which decimated life that was thriving on earth at the time.  You could say this event was the end of the Cretaceous Period and announced the beginning of the Cenozoic Era. In layman terms the earth became too cool to support dinosaurs. Mammals arose from their ashes. 

Then, 3,200,000 years ago, primates dominated the earth. Also, extraterrestrials had arrived at our solar system and were in orbit around Saturn. They had just completed a 200,000 year trip and run out of gas, so to speak. The ship was huge, hundreds of miles in diameter and length, named Hector.

Soon it became, 160,000 years ago. The temperature was cooler. Then about 120,000 years ago, the earth started warming again.

Then, ninety thousand years ago, the extraterrestrials arrived on planet Earth from this space ship Hector, which was still orbiting Saturn. They came to Earth via what myth calls, gliders. It took that long to invent these gliders, that could travel from Saturn to Earth, with a pit stop on Mars. I'd call them shuttles and in early Hindu Sanskrit, they were named Vimanas

The aliens loved the planet, especially the gold and uranium. They needed it for repairs and power for their spaceship, the marooned Hector, still orbiting Saturn. 

While living here on Earth, the extra-terrestrials mingled with the primates, the (Neanderthal) and had sex with them. 

In theory, these extraterrestrials were just ship-wrecked survivors, here on this island called Earth. 

After thousands of years and once they had enough of what they needed, they packed up and left, heading back to Hector, the mother ship, to prepare for the 200,000 year journey back to their planet, but a few stayed, falling in love with their monkey lovers, here on earth. The blend created modern man.

This explains all the unsolved UFO mysteries we've been hearing about lately. The rock-cutting methods, the moving of huge megaliths, the precise measurements, everything! Their most significant achievement, producing nuclear power. They took that knowledge with them when they left Earth, 10,000 years ago and the ones that stayed, lost the knowledge as time passed.

We are just beginning to learn the secrets of nuclear energy today, something the extraterrestrials knew a long time ago.

Hector is reported to be back, in Saturn's orbit. Why is it back? To refuel, or to restock their population?

Then again, that's another blog.

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