Rh-Negative Type O Blood - Is It the Missing Link Between Humans, Apes and the Aliens, Anunnaki?

This is a proven fact: 85% of people living today have the same common blood as the Rhesus monkey, called Rhesus positive blood, shortened to Rh-positive blood. We receive the Rh-factor from our parents. It is the protein found in the red blood cells of most people, completely separate of the A, B and O blood types. Our bodies identify these proteins called antigens as foreign, so we produce antibodies to fight against them.

People without the Rh-factor are Rh-negative. Type O positive blood is the norm, as all Rh-negative donors can donate their blood to any other blood type. All of us, no matter what type of blood we have can receive RH-negative type O blood, but those same individuals cannot accept any other type but their own.

RH-negative people have other curious characteristics such as; they cannot be cloned. They usually have a higher IQ than others with RH-positive blood. They basically all look similar, either red haired or blonde hair with green eyes. Most have lower blood pressure and overall lower blood temperatures. They usually possess excellent eye sight, and hearing. Most interesting, they usually have one more rib bone or vertebrae attached to their spines and rib cages.

Overall, Rh-negatives' possess other paranormal features such as being able to disrupt electrical charges and able to turn things on like a television, etc. by using their minds only. They are more prone to have psychic abilities, including remote viewing and episodes of lucid dreaming. 

Faith healers are supposedly more prone to be Rh-negative. People that have reported being abducted by aliens are most likely to be Rh-negative. Could aliens be tracking their own blood type?

People with Rh-positive blood were at one time, considered racially impure. Rh-positive blood was thought to be contaminated with an ape-evolved strand of human DNA. 

Is this the missing link, Rh-Negative Type O Blood that links the three species; humans, apes and the aliens, Anunnaki?

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Reference: Modern Esoteric, Beyond Our Senses - Brad Olsen

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