Reincarnation - One Continuous Learning Curve Called Life

Being born over and over again, reincarnation

In the beginning you are awarded a physical body. You might not like the looks of that body, but that's too bad. You can't change it! It might not even work properly. You can't take it back and exchange it. It's all in the luck of the draw. It is unique, no one will have the same body that you will receive. You will only be assigned one and it has to last your entire life-time, no matter how long that is, this time around.

While you are in this physical body you will learn, all your waking hours. It will be one big learning experience called 'Life' that never ends until your body dies. Every stage of life has its lessons to learn. You might like what you are learning and then you might not. Either way, it doesn't matter, you will learn what life teaches you.

No matter how many people tell you that 'You are Wrong' remember there are no mistakes, you can never be wrong. All you can do is learn by trial and error and through experimentation, while in the body. Lessons are repeated until learned, one right after the other and never end while living. 

It is spoken in Celtic lore that if you are alive, then there are lessons to learn.  Anonymous 

You live in the now. There is nothing better than here. When your there becomes a here, you will immediately find a new there, which will make a newer there all the more attractive. There will always be a here and a there. Does that make sense?

No matter whether you say you can or can't, whatever course you take in life will be right. So, don't fret it!

You will have forgotten about it once you are born.

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